How to Download Updates on the App

Downloading updates on the DateCodeGenie® app ensures the app is printing the correct data from your company portal and the most recent version of the app. The device must be connected to internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet to download updates. See How To Connect The Device To Wi-Fi or How to Connect the Device to Ethernet There are a few ways to download updates on the app.


1. Tap the DateCodeGenie icon from the home screen to open the app, if not already opened.

 2. Tap Download Updates from the app login screen, if not logged into the app. 
                 NOTE:  Your company specific settings may not display this optional setting

3. Or tap the navigation button or download button, the red clockwise circle arrow icon, if displayed, when logged into the app.
                 NOTE: Internet connection is required for the download button to appear and disappear indicating update status.

4. Scroll and tap Download Updates from the open options page if the navigation button was tapped.

5. The green spinning circle icon will display and continuing to spin while downloading.
               NOTE:  Time to download varies from seconds to minutes depending on internet speed, amount of data to update, and length of time from last download. 
NOTE: The screen darkens and remains inactive while downloading.  

6. The Sync Complete message will display briefly at the bottom of the screen indicating the download is complete and the page is active.

7. The date and time of the last download will display in the app notification bar under Last Updated and in your portal for the device

Video on how to download updates on the App

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